Voces del Alma


Barcelona 2017

Client: Fundación Mapfre
Agency: HAVAS Spain
Production: Alca Films

Fundación MAPFRE want to give a voice to those most in need of one, those small organizations which fight to improve the lives of the thousands of people who live at risk of social exclusion.

That is why we have created Voces del Alma, a project with which Fundación MAPFRE hopes to make the voices of these organizations heard in the best way possible, through the country's most recognizable voices: the cinema's leading voice-over artists.

Find out what they have to say. Behind every voice you will discover the stories of people who work to make the world a better place on a daily, hourly and step by step basis.

Visit: Voces del Alma by Fundación Mapfre

Voces del Alma - Nuria Mediavilla

Voces del Alma - Juan Carlos Gustems