Rere el Vidre - Behind the Glass


Girona 2016

Directed by Marc Colomines & Alca Films team.

Poem by Laia Claver.
Music by Nicole jo.
Sound Design by David Lara.


Present, You, I, Bits, We, Absences,
Delirium, Phonemes, Satellites, Words

Through optical fiber
Madness… tactile delirium
Your shoulder curve
is no more than an hologram
A burst of bits
With an after-taste
From too many days of absences
My body
Has broken me down
Into encrypted phonemes
I’m now not
A shell… of… soft… mud
Marked with an alphanumeric code

Frosted ash sky
Friday afternoon traffic in the city
Stripped trees defy cold
In front
Concrete facades without balconies
Neat rows of cloned buildings
And the pink neon
Of a crossroad sex shop
In the basement
Of a ramshakle and decaying house
Bewildered at the bus stop, you
The image isn’t retouched
You’re not on Instagram
Nor do I see you on a screen
But I have a filter
Afilter that rips everything
And explodes everything
And take us off beyond the sky
Beyond the startosphere

But it turns out that
Far from the magma
We are no more
Than dry meteor
Interstellar garbage
A past draft
Of what we might have been
And you obsess yourself
With being a taxidermist of stars
Did you not realize
That their light

Laia Claver Nadal, 2015